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Handicapped 70 year old man looking for a female companion. Must be slim and attractive

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Paxton, United States

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Relationship: It's Complicated

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Age: 73


Seeking: female


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Personality: Intelligent

I am a 70 year old black man.  Retired, college educated, business owner and likes to talk.  I retired from federal law enforcement in 2008.  I have been married and raised five kids.  I also have twin God children.  They are boy girl twins.  Freddy the boy is my pride and joy.  He graduated from Univ. of Michigan where he attended on a football scholarship.  He was a starting wide receiver for them. He went on to Notre Dame where he got injured.  He is currently in training for the NFL draft.  Hopefully he will be selected.
I am also a published poet with two books out.  I write when I am inspired by someone or something.  Maybe a new love can inspire me.
I like music from the 60's to 2010.  I don't really like rap, but I do have a grandson who is a recording artist.  I guess I have to like his music.
I like politics and watch MSNBC frequently.  I am not real physically active, but I can be inspired to do more by the right person.
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