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I'm 29yrs old Well actually 5'7 ill give myself an inch.. I am a jack of all trades and master of none. I'm going to attend University Of New York This fall quarter. Still not sure of what I want to no more of. I'm not a talkative person till I get to know you or I feel comfortable. I'm not a liar and I never make promises, I believe in giving my word and filling thru because right now that's basically all I got, my word. And my name, my character. Means a lot to me. I'm very humorous and love to laugh. I don't watch much tv or listen to a lot of music these days but I do no a lot of music from the early 90's and old school and oldies. A mixture of r&b adult contemporary, classic rock, country ie... I can cook about almost anything and it will be great tasting. I drink maybe 3 times a yr cause hangovers and I don't like another. I live in Ogden and currently looking for a place to move to. Hate moving such a chore. I speak fluent English was born in New York during the Watt riots. I can understand some Spanish like enough to get myself out of Mexico with a beer. Whew... just being me all day.  Text  me...  Two Zero One Eight Nine Seven Two Four Four Six 
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