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Intellectual with Muscle seeks Feminine Lady with Brains

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Bretton, United Kingdom

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Age: 58


Seeking: female


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I love ancient history and true crime, but I also love 'The Simpsons' and 'Wallace & Gromit'. I love Horror and Sci-Fi movies, but I also like 'Call The Midwife' and 'Notting Hill'. 
I like a walk in the country or along the beach, but I like to live a relaxed and unhurried life. 
I adore my young son, but sadly he only shares half my life, so I need someone to share the other half. 
I can be very serious,but often witty [or sarcastic, depending on your view] and sometimes, very silly. 
I am generally easy going, but can be intense; I love the simple things in life and am not particularly materialistic, but would not complain if I won the lottery! 
My occupation is Writing and I like to read quietly; but I also love loud music: rock is my thing, but I also like ABBA [shhh, that's a secret]. 
I like to watch F1 and sometimes Football; but I also enjoy The Olympics and sometimes Crown Green Bowls. 
I am quite solitary, but I am not shy; I am introverted, but tactile and not lacking in confidence. I am usually quiet (thoughtful), but can be loud! 
I am practically teetotal, but can enjoy a social drink; I prefer to engage in an activity with others, as I can tire easily of idle babble - but I can be very chatty. 
I am always reliable and truthful; I am loyal and dependable. I am not easily offended and prefer that quality in others... 
I used to workout, but no longer can. Think retired rugby player. Shaved head (not much hair). 
And if I've piqued your interest, then please get in touch to find out more...
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