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Montpelier, United States

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Age: 49


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Am Carney john Bowers, a caring and intelligent person. I would do anything for my family and everything I do is basically looking out for their needs. I love children a lot and am always looking into everything that has to do with them.Like finding new crafts, events or activities, fun recipes to make for them, or new findings in development or strategies for teaching. I love reading all the time whether it be to my children or enjoy a good Stephen King novel or reading recent studies.I also really like to cook! I?m always looking for new recipes to make or foods to try. I?m also pretty well known for having the Food Network running in my house. You can never have too many ideas!
I am a very happy and compassionate person. I enjoy sharing things and talking to people about a variety of things. I have a quick wit and love to laugh about everything under the sun. I can be quiet at first, but once you get to know me, I don?t shut up. I am fun loving, but serious when necessary. I have a logical mind but understand and feel emotions as well.You can know more about me on face book.
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