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Dating Prospect shaker15

Fort George G Meade, United States

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Ralston, United States

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Boulder, United States

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Tepuka, Georgia

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Watson, United States

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Pondok Aren, Indonesia

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Chupave, Costa Rica

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Kabul, Afghanistan

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42, female, Divorced

Glan-Y-Llyn, United Kingdom

Fed up of being hurt. Need honesty.Happy to chill out. Just looking for someone to hang out with.

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64, male, Single

East Bangor, United States

Hello,I'm looking for a lover that understands why I practice so much or why I would load-up several thousand dollars worth of equipment burn 60 dollars in gas driving two hours to a gig, unload/setup play for four hours tear down/loadup drive two hours home then unload/put away equipment before getting some sleep after earning 50 bucks and yet feel so good about making only about 4 dollars an hour for my trouble. Most folks think I am nuts, perhaps I am but I am very HAPPY!! I just love playing gigs!

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38, male, It's Complicated

Hermit Park, Australia

an average person with average height and weight. Looking for someone to have fund with and enjoy life.

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27, female, Single

Levelland, United States

My name, as shown above is indeed my real name, Katana. I'm an easy going person, I am fairly mellow. I'm practical, and have ambitions that exceed far beyond what happens to be at my finger tips currently.I have a dream to become a linguist, I'm actually fluent in German already, really interesting language. I'm a metal head, moreso the subgenre of Technical Death Metal, not to say that my tastes aren't versatile, I'll give just about any thing a try. I'm very blunt, and straight forward, I don't sugar coat, but I can be sweet, I'm very sarcastic, and make very crude jokes, Dark humor is my specialty. I feel like I filter myself through a smog of comedy. I like the ideal of realism, and honesty, because it is definitely the best policy. I'm a Satanist, ask me more if you're curious, I'm always open to discuss religion, as long as respect is maintained on both sides if differences in opinions arise.I play a lot of Video games, I'm more of a first person shooter/ RPG type of girl, but I do dabble in some side scrollers, or some decent platformers, depending on the game. I like a lot of Survival Horror games. Fun stuff. My consoles of choice stay in the Sony realm, though I do quite enjoy PC gaming.I work for the mentally and physically handicapped as a care giver, I've been doing so for over two years now, I adore my job.I live with my best friend at the moment, and I indeed have a vehicle.I'm an outdoor fanatic, that's about all I do in the summer time, camping, hiking, rafting, kayaking. I just like pitching my hammock and enjoying nature at it's finest.

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27, female, Single

La Virgen Milagrosa (Paguetpet), Philippines

im a single looking for a man who could love me for who i am. and im so excited who could that be :) <3

Dating Sites For Handicapped People - Disabled Dating

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London, United Kingdom

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Hamilton, United States

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Pleasanton, United States

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Lincoln, United States

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New Boston, United States

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Moquah, United States

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Skellingthorpe, United Kingdom

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Salawe, Taiwan

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Crockett, Texas, Houston, United States

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Padstow, Australia

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Sacramento, United States

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River Heights, United States

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Taylorville, United States

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Peck, United States

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Bexleyheath, United Kingdom

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Pittsburgh, United States


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