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57, male, Single

Dudley, United Kingdom

Single guy, looking for someone special in my life, someone laid back, non-judgemental, honest, tactile, ideally a soulmate, someone to settle down with, fed up with the saying "you're a lovely/nice guy but"? Looking to leave the "but" out and for someone to take me as I am.... a genuine, honest, laid back bloke, with bit of a sarcastic streak & perhaps a strange sense of humour, like all animals with a slight exeption to ferrets lol, though I can tolerate them :p No Rinser's need apply as I have now't to rinse! (except clothes, but my washing machine manages that well ta!)If you are just looking for !? Jog on! (i'll meet you in the bushes around the corner.....lmao)No mind games please! (unless on google play or itunes)No players need apply (unless you are good at board or maybe even console games)No time wasters ( Tempus Fugit, et omnes questus vetustioribus )Disabilities not an issue (No discrimination here!!), I understand mental health, Bipolar, Anorexia, Bulimia, MS, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, COPD, Anxiety & Autism.(At various times in my life I have had the pleasure of meeting people with the above and most are the loveliest folk you could ever wish to meet, it puts some so called normal people to shame! hence disabilities not an issue!)Though I class myself as overweight, I have to be honest and please don't take this the wrong way ladies, but I prefer average to slim build as a partner, it isn't discrimination its just the way I have always been, I have questioned my preference many times and though I have always got on well with larger ladies its something I don't have an answer for, you can call me "Shallow Hal" if you like but I can assure you shallow I am not, perhaps its just one of my many faults & we all have those in some shape or other.Want to know more? please feel free to message me instead of me messaging you, would make a nice change ;-)

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Raleigh, United States

,am looking for only love am looking for only love am looking for only love am looking for only love am looking for only love am looking for only love

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30, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

Well i am a very nice looking girl speak's with manner it we be my pleasure to meet you in such kind of manner so that we can throughly understand each other because life is all about understanding so i will said it is my most interesting of been here!

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27, male, Single

Wichita, United States

to be honest im a deprressed guy who is looking for someone that understands what im going through.

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29, female, Single

Woking, United Kingdom

I'm Lina, 22Looking for a man, fed up of boysI have my baggage, I mean I'm only human...I need someone who can help me through, not someone who will run away at the first sign of trouble.I have my bad days, but I can be fun and laugh, honest :)

Dating Site For People With Disabilities - Disabled Dating

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