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Chak 130 Rb, Pakistan

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49, male, Single

Guidan Magaji, Ghana

I am man of wisdom and faithful person,nice in compression having wonderful appearance looking intelligent; am full christian and like to make search in the bible.I tried my best to please my maker and i tried to go to the Church every sunday and possibly every day it need to meet.I love my father and brothers and sister and i tried to advice people to know God and learn much about him; am learned person and i have lot of knowledge in books and in life as well.I am an adventurous seeking to understand the world and it inhabitant trying see things which is seen and which is unseen and am best to cope with every situation.

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38, female, It's Complicated

Raleigh, United States


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31, male, Single

Krnjice, Morocco

I don't like to talking about myself ; Only people who have evaluated.Evaluation is not subjective And somewhat nauseating

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42, male, Single

East, Singapore

I like to travel, read and explore new things including food, people and arts. I am an energetic and healthy man who will make you very happy and contented if we were to find something common to share our interest. I am looking for a good woman who will be my soulmate, companion wherever i visit her country for business.

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63, male, Divorced

Frankston North, Australia

I came here because I feel that people who have not really suffered or are not going through emotional trials and feeling depressed cannot understand or appreciate what we are going through and what we need.I was surprised to see so many profiles saying things like "I have a bubbly personality" or "love to laugh" or "happy go lucky", to me you don't sound very depressed. I know we pretend to be ok and every time someone asks me how I am I say "fine thanks" or "I'm ok" when inside I am suffering more than you can imagine and wishing I would not wake up tomorrow but here it is time to be honest and genuine and only someone experiencing similar trauma and stresses could be able to feel what we are going through.So many people say "get yourself together and then give me a call" but you know that with that attitude they would never be there for you through the hard times.I suffered terribly in the past and only survived it because I was in a loving relationship with a wonderful woman and I would not have made it through without her so having to suffer alone is not helpful and having the support of someone special can give you the strength you need to get through the worst of times that may cause you to give up if you are alone.I am going through the worst time of my life and without someone to balance the stress and pain with love and support I feel unlikely to get through it.All my life I helped people and was very generous but now in my time of need all those I helped have abandoned me.No matter what I am going through I always have room in my heart and life for someone special and can distance them from my problems.I am a very loving, honest, respectful, romantic, faithful, generous, caring affectionate and only need the love of someone special to motivate me to turn my life around and survive this terrible time.To clarify... marriage is sacred but I don't need to be married to be happy or faithful & I am open to any type of monogamous relationship

Dating For Deaf People - Disabled Dating

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